Ways to Use Virtual Reality at Events

July 15, 2017

Virtual reality has been a large topic of discussion for some time now when it comes to event planning. 2016 is when big changes started taking place. Virtual Reality is still a relatively new idea that people are still working on details of incorporating into their events. Of course, attending an event in person is choice #1, but when virtual reality starts to become more widespread you won’t have to travel to see that speaker live or attend that work conference in person.



What exactly is Virtual Reality (VR) and what is the big deal about it? VR is a computer-generated environment that allows someone to be in a 360-degree setting where they can walk around and see an event as if they were there in person. This can be done by wearing helmets or goggles and gloves.



Have you experienced VR? It is something that will astonish you. There are headsets that can connect to your smartphone and apps that can help enhance your VR experience. There are many video games out there that have an intense VR that you can participate in. Facebook is working on gaining ground with VR and has Facebook 360; this has videos and photos that you can immerse yourself in.



What’s next with the VR world? Coming in 2018 will be VR headsets that are un-tethered. This will be a large attraction to consumers and will be a huge advancement for the VR world. The more VR is being used and tested out the more the cost of VR is becoming more reasonable. Good news is that it will continue to be more affordable and you will soon start to see it used more often and in many different venues. Keep your eyes open for more opportunities to experience virtual reality.


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