Open Fist Theater Company

The Open Fist Theatre Company was founded in 1990 by five graduates of Cal State Fullerton. Under the Artistic Directorship of Ziad Hamzeh, the Company immediately established its reputation as a cutting edge ensemble, willing to tackle difficult plays. Under the leadership of present Artistic Director Martha Demson, the company has evolved into a collective, self-producing artistic enterprise with all facets of its operation run by its artist members.
The name of the Open Fist Theatre Company comes from two principles we believe to be exceedingly important. The first is the notion that an Open spirit, embracing all people and all ideas is essential. The second is that the Fist, a sign of determination and even force, is necessary for the theatre to remain a vital voice for social change and awareness. At all times the Open Fist Theatre Company has remained dedicated to the pursuit of these two ambitions.
In the past two years, The Open Fist Theater Company has been nominated for nearly 50 L.A. Theater Awards; plus the LA Weekly named us as one of the Top Ten Theater Companies of the Decade.

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